⌚Shorter Days…Longer Flights 🗞

Weirdly daylight savings time happens to be one of my favorite times of year mostly because I’m a night owl, and also coming up in a public school environment catching the late bus and being on a school bus around sunset or at dark always gave me a feeling of accomplishment. Responsibility is also notContinue reading “⌚Shorter Days…Longer Flights 🗞”

April Showers 🌧 Bring May flowers…its 70° a blunt or a beer🍺 ?

Spring marks the beginning of the outdoor season and also a time where you can finally take a deep breath and enjoy what life has to offer without having to wear layers and without having to deal with forced family interaction. With that being said when the weathers perfect which is more enjoyable? A bluntContinue reading “April Showers 🌧 Bring May flowers…its 70° a blunt or a beer🍺 ?”

🍻 Happy Saint Patricks Day 🇨🇮

*Day drinking Season has officially begun* From April to September theres roughly 150 days…theres over 150 different brands of alcohol and 20,000 different kinds of beer. If your lucky enough to get your Spring started early today, try not to sample them all and dont forget to tip your bartender.

ClutchPoints…a new spin on Social Media 🏀

Rich Paul the manager for Lebron James and founder of the sports agency Klutch Sports Group introduced a sports app in 2015 thats rivaled the likes of many of the top news sharing applications in the market. Sharing sporting news is something that takes reliable sources and a lot of connections when you arent aContinue reading “ClutchPoints…a new spin on Social Media 🏀”

🏝 Guide To National Tequila Day

1. Grab a cup…fill it with ice 2. Add tequila, enough to where you can smell it. 3. Add lime juice 4. Add tripple sec if you wanna get fancy 5. Splash of water and a sugar cube…unless you have simple syrup 6. Shake it up and take a sip 7. Repeat…dance…drink a 24 ozContinue reading “🏝 Guide To National Tequila Day”

Narcisist this🧩 Passive aggresive🎮 that…did i spell narcissist wrong?

I had a conversation with a friend of mine once and i said to her I think self awareness is a mental disorder.  I say that because for one you could never be fully self aware but in the search for self fulfillment its not hard to lose sight of who you are, your strengths,Continue reading “Narcisist this🧩 Passive aggresive🎮 that…did i spell narcissist wrong?”

Ice Cold NYC?☃️ or Sweltering hot NYC?☀️

Where are my gloves? scarf or no scarf? one pair of socks or two? Will i walk it out or take a taxi? When NY gets below a certain temperature the amount of pre planning and self talk that takes place is mind numbing. The wind is never still and even if your lucky enoughContinue reading “Ice Cold NYC?☃️ or Sweltering hot NYC?☀️”

❄ Holiday Itinerary Part 3…The day after New Years❄

All the gifts have been distributed, the family rounds have been made, the food and alcohol hangovers are over and done with, the resolutions are in….what now? Hitting the gym to knock off some holiday pounds is always appealing, putting in overtime to get ahead of the credit card bill is a good idea, andContinue reading “❄ Holiday Itinerary Part 3…The day after New Years❄”

❄ Holiday Itinerary part 2…Christmas songs you dont mind hearing in July ❄

1. Mariah Carey- “All I want for Christmas is you” 2. N’Sync- “Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays” 3. Frank Sinatra- “Have yourself a Merry Little Christmas” 4. Adam Sandler- The Chanukah song 5. Harry Conick Jr – Let it snow 6. The Cast of Rent- Seasons of love

❄Holiday Itinerary Part 1….Christmas shopping in NY, what NOT to do❄

1. Dont buy gifts for people who give money…they probably wont like whatever you buy them. 2. No cars unless you buy it outright because then its an unneccessary headache every few years. 3. Dont buy sweaters for people who are always on diets…its insulting and it wont ever be the right size. 4. BuyContinue reading “❄Holiday Itinerary Part 1….Christmas shopping in NY, what NOT to do❄”