📚Spring Semesters end🍾…🍔 Let the Parties begin 🎊

With Covid slowly coming to a close and the temperatures rising thought it would be fun to list 5 keys to rekindling your pre-Covid life. 1. Make it a point to keep your distance from the television set and lap tops. 2. Outdoor music festivals are never a bad idea. 3. Put yourself on aContinue reading “📚Spring Semesters end🍾…🍔 Let the Parties begin 🎊”

April Showers 🌧 Bring May flowers…its 70° a blunt or a beer🍺 ?

Spring marks the beginning of the outdoor season and also a time where you can finally take a deep breath and enjoy what life has to offer without having to wear layers and without having to deal with forced family interaction. With that being said when the weathers perfect which is more enjoyable? A bluntContinue reading “April Showers 🌧 Bring May flowers…its 70° a blunt or a beer🍺 ?”

School, Work, and Play…The story of a girl

The face of success is different to every individual. For some its a big home with fancy cars in a driveway, for some its being able to go away every weekend without a worry in the world, and for others its being able to just be able to rest their head comfortably every night knowingContinue reading “School, Work, and Play…The story of a girl”

🍻 Happy Saint Patricks Day 🇨🇮

*Day drinking Season has officially begun* From April to September theres roughly 150 days…theres over 150 different brands of alcohol and 20,000 different kinds of beer. If your lucky enough to get your Spring started early today, try not to sample them all and dont forget to tip your bartender.

ClutchPoints…a new spin on Social Media 🏀

Rich Paul the manager for Lebron James and founder of the sports agency Klutch Sports Group introduced a sports app in 2015 thats rivaled the likes of many of the top news sharing applications in the market. Sharing sporting news is something that takes reliable sources and a lot of connections when you arent aContinue reading “ClutchPoints…a new spin on Social Media 🏀”

🏝 Guide To National Tequila Day

1. Grab a cup…fill it with ice 2. Add tequila, enough to where you can smell it. 3. Add lime juice 4. Add tripple sec if you wanna get fancy 5. Splash of water and a sugar cube…unless you have simple syrup 6. Shake it up and take a sip 7. Repeat…dance…drink a 24 ozContinue reading “🏝 Guide To National Tequila Day”

“A person of knowledge must be able not only to love his enemies but also hate his friends” -Friedrich Nietzsche

Oftentimes here in the states we look at school as a place to go to learn about who we are and who we want to be. The definifion of school however can be different to each individual being that there is no uniformed rubric on who gets the attention, information, and social experience neccessary toContinue reading ““A person of knowledge must be able not only to love his enemies but also hate his friends” -Friedrich Nietzsche”

Narcisist this🧩 Passive aggresive🎮 that…did i spell narcissist wrong?

I had a conversation with a friend of mine once and i said to her I think self awareness is a mental disorder.  I say that because for one you could never be fully self aware but in the search for self fulfillment its not hard to lose sight of who you are, your strengths,Continue reading “Narcisist this🧩 Passive aggresive🎮 that…did i spell narcissist wrong?”

State of the World

This blog will be dedicated to how I perceive whats going on in our current society as a 33 year old black millenial living in the Tri State area. I titled this state of the world because being a New Yorker we are often told our home is the center of the world and weContinue reading “State of the World”