⌚Shorter Days…Longer Flights 🗞

Weirdly daylight savings time happens to be one of my favorite times of year mostly because I’m a night owl, and also coming up in a public school environment catching the late bus and being on a school bus around sunset or at dark always gave me a feeling of accomplishment. Responsibility is also not a strong suit of mine so longer nights lead me to smarter decision making by default which now as an adult I’ve learned to appreciate. Family and friends during this time period take precedence in the life of those lucky enough to have them which makes proper planning, forecasting, vice allotment and time allocation paramount from November to March.

Holiday travels and mall runs become supplements for beach fun and bar crawls so having good company is essential. Temperate locations experience changes in the elements that make you say wheres my camera? As time wanes from the first day of daylight savings until the winter solstice the food gets better, the gift list gets longer, and sports and television reach an apex in programming.

The progression from gatherings and traditions to introspection and foresight is the juxtaposition of this time of year that I love most.

A flights not a flight without multiple choices…so go get a head start on being nice to the good gift givers. I’ll take tequila

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Just giving my opinion and commentating on current life circumstances that I do and dont understans

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