πŸ“¨ Emails…You can call me. πŸ“±

I’m not sure why…but emails dont evoke any kind of a response from me outside of I dont feel like checking them every day. I once had just shy of a thousand unopened emails…most would see that as me not being “responsible”. I try to remain in the 3rd dimension where its action oriented and the physical takes precedent so I prioritize tangible aspects of my day over automated urgency. It may sound stubborn but the effort it takes to not be on an emailing list once your on one(which is usually by accident) is mentally taxing when you realize the list you get taken off of sold your email information to the very email list you wanna be taken off of 3 or 4 days after you settle the first unwanted email.

This inconvenience gets heightened when you have a job that forces you to check emails to remain up to date on whats going on in your work space. I can write a novel on how opposed i am to work emails but I’ll refrain because at the moment some are still forced to work remotely, and not communicating every day about work issues is not an option. I’m an advocate for autonomy when it comes to my transmission, fast food, and what time my favorite TV show comes on, however, problem solving and progress in actual reality take place through trial and error not read, unread, and response.

Personality archetypes exist that dont align with being bombarded and adhering or responding to emails and for those people an email is inevitably going to lead to an actual conversation. So why over a thousand emails unopened? I’m probably talking, texting, or instagramming and if you cant reach me via those forums chances are… you dont have my work email.

Published by LuckyWritey

Just giving my opinion and commentating on current life circumstances that I do and dont understans

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