ClutchPoints…a new spin on Social Media πŸ€

Rich Paul the manager for Lebron James and founder of the sports agency Klutch Sports Group introduced a sports app in 2015 thats rivaled the likes of many of the top news sharing applications in the market. Sharing sporting news is something that takes reliable sources and a lot of connections when you arent a member of a major media company, however, the app has a busy timeline with an abundance of information and stories. At the moment the app shares the three major American sports, and with the luxury of having a future potential NBA team owner as a close friend and business partner chances are more doors will open on the sports front.

The level of foresight and understanding it takes for a person to introduce and pull off a social sharing platform in 2015 before the meteoric rise that took place in the world of social media over the past few years highlights the amount of trust he has in himself and his business team and the amount of research and preparation hes put forth in this endeavour. As a young African American male who manages and is befriended by Lebon James it can create obstacles in the business world.

Being young and black in a corporate world of predominantly white males can be intimidating and with the moves hes made as a manager for Lebron and also as a business man I have to applaud him before the clock runs out on Black History month.

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