Narcisist this🧩 Passive aggresive🎮 that…did i spell narcissist wrong?

I had a conversation with a friend of mine once and i said to her I think self awareness is a mental disorder.  I say that because for one you could never be fully self aware but in the search for self fulfillment its not hard to lose sight of who you are, your strengths, your weaknesses, and oh yeah how to have fun without an irritational need to feel guilty in this hypothetical strive for self improvement.  Self improvement is something that we can all agree is not easy but there are certain terms I feel get thrown around a little too much these days and can create serious dysfunction for people who are in persuit of bettering themselves.

A narcissist is defined as an individual who has excessive love for themselves…yet the key word in self improvement is SELF.  If a person is looking to better themselves whether its at home, work, or school love is an essential ingredient because the chances of improving a situation without love is useless because the changes wont be permanent. I say that to say anyone whose been on a path of self love understands it doesn’t last because the point of attaining that love is to ultimately share it by way of a degree, marriage, increased production at work, or a six pack.

Passive aggression is a a term that in my opinion cant be defined and I also feel is used as a way to control a person or situation. I say that because passive aggression is something that few acknowledge is a two way street. If someones accused of being passive aggressive chances are that the person is not saying, or behaving in accordance with what the accuser has come to expect. When your a human and not a robot there are times when your behavior won’t always align with your coworkers, family, and/or spouse. The reason the term passive aggressive offends me is because its often something that gets put on people who are already consistent. The reason I cant agree with passive aggressionism is because you need an argument to formulate your reasoning which means you can have the argument with the person and clear the air then either you talk after or you dont.

I’m not an expert on narcissism, however, I think the term is meant for people who prolong the same patterns for a long period of time not when theres a disagreement, new semester, new job task that needs attention at home, or a boy or girls night out. Anxiety is a disorder many do go through, however, and for some putting a label on them like narcissism in the midst of their need to grow can create an actual disorder(anxiety) that doesnt go away. Narcissists tend to not care at all about what a person suggests because only they matter in their mind…so if ever you’ve altered a persons behavior from what you said to them chances are they’re not a narcissist.

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Just giving my opinion and commentating on current life circumstances that I do and dont understans

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