Ice Cold NYC?☃️ or Sweltering hot NYC?☀️

Where are my gloves? scarf or no scarf? one pair of socks or two? Will i walk it out or take a taxi? When NY gets below a certain temperature the amount of pre planning and self talk that takes place is mind numbing. The wind is never still and even if your lucky enough to be distracted by a good playlist or a partner or two theres still potential of seemingly having to stop at EVERY red light at EVERY intersection which leads you to ask am i going crazy? The conclusion more often than not its just fucking cold.

Come Summertime if your a female then the only question is how much of my goodies am i not gonna expose 😜…for a guy though summer travel in the city is tricky because if you didnt catch up on workin out in the right part of winter a wife beater(tank top) could be iffy unless you have the right jewler, jeans or shorts also becomes a question depending on where you may end up and how high the AC might be. Food and drink selection becomes very important with the heat also, im not sure if its just me but the wrong food or spirit in NY on a hot day can create an issue.

Personally I take Ice cold NYC because whatever your destination is…once your done with your trek and arrive to your destination the feeling that comes over you in that moment is amazing.

Published by LuckyWritey

Just giving my opinion and commentating on current life circumstances that I do and dont understans

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