❄Holiday Itinerary Part 1….Christmas shopping in NY, what NOT to do❄

1. Dont buy gifts for people who give money…they probably wont like whatever you buy them.

2. No cars unless you buy it outright because then its an unneccessary headache every few years.

3. Dont buy sweaters for people who are always on diets…its insulting and it wont ever be the right size.

4. Buy gifts with Cash, no credit cards…you’ll put more thought into it and no crazy credit card bill come January.

5. If they cant buy alcohol no gift receipts…its good to make young people appreciate what they get.

6. Don’t eat before you go shopping…you will always tighten up the wallet.

7. Never shop with more than one person… if you guys agree buy it, if you dont probably still buy it unless they have a GREAT argument as to why not.

8. If its your partner and they cant enjoy the present before its nice out wait and splurge on valentines day…still get them something though.

9. Dont buy expensive gifts for in laws…its tacky, buy something that shows you gave a shit about something they said at some point.

10. If someone asks for a cell phone nd they’ve graduated an educational instution…just pay their bill on their current phone for their lack of creativity.

Published by LuckyWritey

Just giving my opinion and commentating on current life circumstances that I do and dont understans

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