❄ Holiday Itinerary Part 3…The day after New Years❄

All the gifts have been distributed, the family rounds have been made, the food and alcohol hangovers are over and done with, the resolutions are in….what now? Hitting the gym to knock off some holiday pounds is always appealing, putting in overtime to get ahead of the credit card bill is a good idea, and obviously getting back to the radio minus the christmas music is always a great feeling (sometimes a lil sad too). Appreciation sums up what the day after New Years is all about unless you work in a restaurant then its the day after the day after New Years. Instead of making resolutions for New Years I think a daily goal of improvement can be just as beneficial…the next year isnt always promised.

Published by LuckyWritey

Just giving my opinion and commentating on current life circumstances that I do and dont understans

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