Is sobriety in 2021 the new narcotic?

Like most people born post 1960 once you enter high school drinking pretty much becomes the norm whether you get it from your older siblings, older friend, or the person at the liquor store looking for change. Then from there usually you work your way to marjuana, if you happen to be financially blessed maybe cocaine, and if not other illicit drugs. My personal drug of choice happened to be Marijuana before I embarked on a sober lifestyle, which to my detriment has made me come to realize being sober in this day and age is like a narcotic…good or bad? Thats to be determined

Sobriety can be the doorway to creativity, heightened self awareness, and a gained sense of identity. In the midst of sober living one also comes to attain a certain level of independence because no longer can you rely on a chemical to help you discern whats occuring in your life. The loss of that need to rely on an outside source of understanding gives you a gained sense of freedom which can be euphoric in itself. With the way things are unfolding in the world today it also helps you take a step back and laugh. Then you hit the sober wall.

With distractions in the thousands upon thousands, and essentially the world at your fingertips the ability to escape has become easier than ever. Peoples sole focus for intoxication is to escape their reality, but its usually disguised in the illusion of fun or a need to lose a sense of anxiety. Countless people including myself have a tendency to either live in the past or in the future and in doing so it creates a dynamic in your mind that your drug of choice helps eleviate. Sobrietys ability to remove that elevation hurts at times because it can lead to a false bravado that everything is as it should be even when its not.

Long story short…drink and drug responsibly for the holdays.

Published by LuckyWritey

Just giving my opinion and commentating on current life circumstances that I do and dont understans

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