State of the World

This blog will be dedicated to how I perceive whats going on in our current society as a 33 year old black millenial living in the Tri State area. I titled this state of the world because being a New Yorker we are often told our home is the center of the world and we also happen to think we are as well on occasion. Being that NYC is essentially an area that reflects every facet of the world, and I happen to work in the midst of this beautiful disaster, it causes me to question and observe a lot of generalizations and exaggerations that I feel cause unnecessary strife in our own worlds which in essence is a microcosm of the actual world we live in.

Up until covid happened I refuted the claim of being a millennial to no end, not that I hate my generation but my mind state is just different, and entitlement is something I feel would be fair to say is synonymous with millennial. Then the world stopped and I could no longer distract myself with work and the round the clock effort I was putting in to try to establish my own side hustles my way and achieve a dream of being self sufficient.

I say self suffient because we’ve all heard the motivational speakers and heard entrepreneural wishes come to fruition, but I’m an introvert who happens to like people, so small scale is how I envisioned what was in my mind, as do many people in my age range in their way of looking at things. I heard a news soundboard not long ago about something like 30% of the fortune 500 had turned over in an attempt to supposedly uplift or maybe inspire young people like myself, but in truth the parent companies essentially doubled up, because most of the supposed new members of this lofty club were the results of mergers with companies already on the fortune 500, and the ones that werent were…you guessed it, tech companies. The world we live in as of right now is not all bad for millenials who put in the time and effort in their teens and twenties because there are many opportunities and diversity is on the rise. I wrote an article in my sports blog “flatscreensornaw” and my research unveiled to me that there are 15 African American CEOs in our current fortune 500 which is 15 more than 50 years ago, and many black and brown men and women are climbing corporate ladders, however, its a cold world right now for the people without a lot of years logged into one organization or a piece of paper that says I attended a University.

40 years ago you could work two jobs and buy a home but now you could realistically work two jobs and not afford an apartment. With that being said I’m still not in support of socialism which is a fad thats sweeping through my age group like Covid did the world, but I am pro competition which I feel like is different than Capitalism. With the power and openness of our internet with the right connection Capitalism can easily turn into a monopoly board which defeats the purpose of free enterprise.

With the issues at hand in the world theres many ways people can put their efforts and dollars to good use to turn a profit and help accentuate the talent of people who simply seek to help or refine issues that exist within society to ensure theres actually a future. When looking at the archetypes of how people are wired there are many different kinds of people; it goes further than introvert and extrovert…limiting or erasing certain occupations or career categories to enhance what some may deem more important than others can make for a prosperous outcome for some now but can be detrimental for the future.

There is a month dedicated to mental health these days, a lot of that has to do with the conforming people had to do years back due to heightened technological advances and upward mobilities, and now here we are and its happening faster than ever before due to job shut downs and restrictions that benefit a few way more than others while also creating a lifestyle that some aren’t accustomed to. I say lifestyle because we look at the LGBTQ movement and abortion rights outrage currently going on, and it makes sense to some but when the same money allocated to these people for these movements are from the same people destroying lifestyle choices for the masses thats when I have to ask whats the end goal.

When theres a billion dollars cut from the NYPD, the biggest police force in the country, and not a penny of it goes into inner city uplifting, police-neighborhood gatherings, or counseling services, but we hear about robotic police dogs then to me that says the harmony between people and helping stabilize hostility isn’t the goal. When malls are closing accross the country, but private plane, and exotic boat sales go up all the while we wonder why there is animosity in the air, again I have to question wtf is going on.

I will go into detail with some of these notions and other things that have been plaguing me from a wtf is going on standpoint. Please dont be intimidated by some of the brief stances I’ve taken on some of these things, nothing here will be hate driven, misogynistic, racist, homophobic, or antisemitic.

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Just giving my opinion and commentating on current life circumstances that I do and dont understans

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