๐Ÿ’Œ “Leave this world a little better than you found it”…and that she did ๐Ÿ‘‘

This quote by Robert Baden-Powell, a British Army officer and later a co-founder and first chief of the boy and girl scouts movement, exemplifies the mark left on this world by the late Queen Elizabeth II.

The first reigning monarch to have visited South America, and the Persian Gulf countries (1968) subsequent to her Royal British tour of the Indian subcontinent in 1961 from early on the Queen displayed active leadership encompassed with a humanitarian spirit.

Not much else to say besides she didn’t expect the throne, and the throne probably didn’t expect her but with helping to grant freedoms and humane living conditions to over 20 countries during her reign as Queen she clearly kept the interest of the Kingdom in the forefront.

๐Ÿ‘€ #WCW…whose your daily Fix? ๐Ÿน

Summer is in full throttle and sun dress, bikini, and Beach season is here…with that being said heres a list of vixens that if i go longer than 48 hours without a timeline peak I legit get the chills ๐Ÿ˜†.

1. @Goldenbarbie

2. @Alyssasorto

3. @Mollyquerim

4. @ Kim and Khole…forgot their last names ๐Ÿค”๐Ÿ˜†.

5. The Mamas back in baddie Mode…@lolowood and @badgalriri

Should there be a television channel dedicated to Social Media Platforms?

I happen to tip toe that fine line between being almost too old for social media, too optimistic to watch the news, and too much of a MTVs Real World and Road Rules fan to appreciate reality television. The reason I say almost too old for social media is because even though I don’t slide in and out of DMs, use Snapchat since my memories almost gone as is, or use Tik Tok is because I don’t like being viewed from any lens except one thats focused on truth. With all that being said there are so many wonderful things about social media that I do like…mainly the interconnectedness it provides and the sense of wonder it can create. CNN, Foxnews, and MSNBC however are forums that although at times can be boring the information they provide to viewers creates a sense of grounding that can help put certain circumstances in a perspective that helps form healthy opinions.

MTV’s The Real World, and MTV’s Road Rules are two shows that birthed reality television along with CBS’ Big Brother following not too long after that took place in the 90s and early 2000s. The show bridged mainstream societal issues that were hampering America with young people trying to establish who they were and how they could contribute to the social paradigm from which they belonged…with lots of partying and sex in between of course. The show started many conversations and highlighted many taboos that would make most uncomfortable if they happened to be faced with them in real life. In the history of television I’m not sure if any show covered as many real life racial, homophobic, misogynistic, or religious differences that usually resulted in no real resolution but to agree to disagree.

Therein lies the issue I find with social media lifestyle that inevitably at some point brings me back to a real-life news forum because in contrary to my timeline which is partially comprised of uncorroborated facts that seem real but are usually based on opinion…the news has things I don’t necessarily want to know or hear. Most posts are presented in a professional fashion that after a while seem real because its tailor fitted to my liking and those who share that same thought process. At times to my detriment and favor I’ve coped using social media forums to create a mental utopia as a shield from the real-world horror that gets highlighted at nauseum on news outlets. The danger with viewing things that are tailored to your liking is that it can alter the perspective your living in and how to use discernment when faced with real life scenarios.

Major issues that take place in real life create ripple effects that are felt directly and indirectly by people living life offline and the News oftentimes make that fact more real than a double tap or caption meant for click bait. Healthy balances exist in all aspects of a healthy life and when social media is the main ingredient for most of if not everyone of a certain age for news and social theorems then its safe to say it may be time for a way to blend the worlds of social fantasism and real world trauma.

“The Real World” and “Road Rules” kept me intrigued because a disagreement in one minute highlight form with a brief summary vs a heartfelt one with real emotions give two different experiences to the viewer and the latter oftentimes makes you somehow appreciate both sides because a back story has never absolved anything or anyone, but it helps provide understanding. Pursuing the truth is ultimately regression to the mean and what brings me back to major news outlets which oftentimes puts the optimistic rose-colored lenses I use in proper focus. Having a way to merge the world of social media and real-world news reporting could help open a door to what sometimes gets swept under the rug because of lack of attention or unpopular opinion…on a major news outlet there is never anything trending its simply what’s to come.

๐Ÿ“จ Emails…You can call me. ๐Ÿ“ฑ

I’m not sure why…but emails dont evoke any kind of a response from me outside of I dont feel like checking them every day. I once had just shy of a thousand unopened emails…most would see that as me not being “responsible”. I try to remain in the 3rd dimension where its action oriented and the physical takes precedent so I prioritize tangible aspects of my day over automated urgency. It may sound stubborn but the effort it takes to not be on an emailing list once your on one(which is usually by accident) is mentally taxing when you realize the list you get taken off of sold your email information to the very email list you wanna be taken off of 3 or 4 days after you settle the first unwanted email.

This inconvenience gets heightened when you have a job that forces you to check emails to remain up to date on whats going on in your work space. I can write a novel on how opposed i am to work emails but I’ll refrain because at the moment some are still forced to work remotely, and not communicating every day about work issues is not an option. I’m an advocate for autonomy when it comes to my transmission, fast food, and what time my favorite TV show comes on, however, problem solving and progress in actual reality take place through trial and error not read, unread, and response.

Personality archetypes exist that dont align with being bombarded and adhering or responding to emails and for those people an email is inevitably going to lead to an actual conversation. So why over a thousand emails unopened? I’m probably talking, texting, or instagramming and if you cant reach me via those forums chances are… you dont have my work email.

๐Ÿ“šSpring Semesters end๐Ÿพ…๐Ÿ” Let the Parties begin ๐ŸŽŠ

With Covid slowly coming to a close and the temperatures rising thought it would be fun to list 5 keys to rekindling your pre-Covid life.

1. Make it a point to keep your distance from the television set and lap tops.

2. Outdoor music festivals are never a bad idea.

3. Put yourself on a ubereats, doordash, and grubhub budget….gas is high and servers gotta eat too.

4. Botanical Gardens, Aquariums, and Museums without a mask can be breathtaking.

5. Try to make at least one outdoor concert if your in a metropolitan area.

April Showers ๐ŸŒง Bring May flowers…its 70ยฐ a blunt or a beer๐Ÿบ ?

Spring marks the beginning of the outdoor season and also a time where you can finally take a deep breath and enjoy what life has to offer without having to wear layers and without having to deal with forced family interaction. With that being said when the weathers perfect which is more enjoyable? A blunt or a beer?

Ten years ago I would’ve said a blunt with no questions asked…school, work, and more work there would have been nothing more enjoyable for me on a 70ยฐ day than to light up a blunt and space out. Now at the tender age of 34 I’ll say a beer…enough of a buzz to do some reflection/introspection and light enough for me to be productive the next day.

School, Work, and Play…The story of a girl

The face of success is different to every individual. For some its a big home with fancy cars in a driveway, for some its being able to go away every weekend without a worry in the world, and for others its being able to just be able to rest their head comfortably every night knowing they played the hand they were dealt to the best of their ability. They say make it in NY and you can make it anywhere…if you live in long island that statement is true and then some.

Women in militaristic organizations oftentimes go underappreciated, and unheard to some degree in part due to their nurturing demeanor and their assumed physical inferiority. With the world evolving and people more informed and confused than ever I was able to find a bright spot in a former classmate who made a decision to succeed. Ms. Myers who went from teaching, to the the army, had to make a choice not many would from where we come from. From the outside looking in the decision sounds a bit outlandish, but with life presenting uncertain long term circumstances she chose a path that has been tried and true since the inception of our island…the military.

Teaching was what she initially set out to do and accomplished out of college then life happened. “I drove away from the gas tank in tears” is how her search for more began. Debt, and the inability to function how she envisioned paired with choice timing lead her to make a change that she has yet to regret. After attending her younger cousins Military basic training her curiousity took over and she eventually found her self enlisting in the Army after seeing there was potential for growth.

Anyone that takes a leap at life has a why and for her the why was the fact that she could make sure she and her family would be okay from a medical, financial, and safety standpoint. In doing so shes also been able to explore physical limits she’d never known, places she’d never ventured, and situations she may have never been able to resolve prior. Looking for happiness is a lifetime journey that not many even get to step foot on, but with her efforts in the army, and later as a recruiter shes been able to establish quite a few footprints with many more to come.

In her time span in the military shes completed 12 ruck walks, met with many young men and women including myself whose lives have been altered for the better from troubled situations, and learned to become a soldier in both life and on the battlefield. Not many people have the ability to go from teacher to pupil and progress the way she has and embrace the proccess. When looking back at the situations that arose in her path to attaining her sense of independency the only thing she wishes she could do different is join straight out of high school.

Her journey to where she is now was everything but normal, and she had some setbacks along the way both physically and mentally. Creating footprints on a quest to happiness takes sacrifice, effort, love, and persistence. As an army recruiter shes been able to use her story and path to help others reach for something more than the dead end realities many young people with limited resources and little to no education deal with on a day to day basis. Thank you Ms. Myers and Happy Womens History Month.

๐Ÿป Happy Saint Patricks Day ๐Ÿ‡จ๐Ÿ‡ฎ

*Day drinking Season has officially begun*

From April to September theres roughly 150 days…theres over 150 different brands of alcohol and 20,000 different kinds of beer. If your lucky enough to get your Spring started early today, try not to sample them all and dont forget to tip your bartender.

๐Ÿฆ๐Ÿฆ“๐Ÿ…๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ‡๐Ÿป Mother Nature and Music ๐Ÿ›‘๐Ÿ—ฃ

Anyone that knows me knows I love music more than anything but I also have an affinity for nature and the solice it provides. Music for me is a source of inspiration and an art form that gives meaning to every aspect of life.

Animals and nature help me to mentally escape and see life in a perspective thats innocent and instinctual. Initially when I first started seeing animal clips with music I thought cool and even shared a few, yet and still, dogs barking, lions roaring, and wolves howling is why animal lovers follow animal pages.

I dont like cringing when i click on a post with my favorite animal because I dont know what song might play. Nature sounds are therapeutic for a reason so destination soundtracks are also discouraging. Rant over…time for Spring cleaning

๐ŸŽŸ *Womens History Month* A few Films That Show Why I love women๐Ÿฟ

1. Poetic Justice- A love story that buds in the midst of tradgedy, turmoil, and a road trip.

2. Collateral Beauty- A positive aspect on basically the worse case scenario imaginable for a successful young couple.

3. Love and Basketball- The title says it all

4. Stepmom- Co-parenting with a sad twist.

5. G.I. Jane- A female soldier goes through hell to prove shes just as tough as the guys.

6. Selena- Young up and coming singer balances life as a Mexican American and becoming a celebrity.

7. Dangerous Minds- Depicts the juxtaposition of a teacher who has to adjust to being around disenfranchised youth who come from a life she doesnt quite understand and her need to move forward in her own life…their issues become her issues and vice versa

8. Blue Crush- Women surfers take Hawaii by storm.

9. Panic Room- Imagine a twisted high tech version of home alone but the moms actually there and plays protector.

10. Drop Zone- Shes a ride or die…watch it and you’ll know who she is.